1.Coordinates: Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China, the manufacturing capital  of China. 

2. We are a manufacturer and supplier with more than 15 years of one-stop purchasing  solutions for clothing luggage and trademark accessories. Our products include: clothing tags, tags, tag ropes, plastic labels, plastic strings, stickers, digital labels, and clothing bags. , shopping bags, plastic bags, cartons, digital color boxes, leather tags, patches, badges, ribbons, buttons, metal nameplates, zipper pullers, plastic accessories, printed packaging products, etc. 

3. We are an integrated industry and trade company with more than 100 self-owned  production lines and supporting production lines, more than 1,100 employees, more  than 10 engineering development designers, and more than 50 QC quality personnel.  We have strong production and supply capabilities and a complete quality management  system. , Certification qualifications and certificates include: SGS, ISO9001, GRS,  ISO14001, etc. 

4. We have more than 1,000 brand cooperative customers. Our online platform has the  most customer inquiries. In the past six months, credit insurance orders have exceeded  2,000 per quarter. The five-star customer praise rate is as high as 99%, and the annual  sales volume is as high as 20 million. , cooperative customers in more than 100 countries. 

5. Our advantages: 1. Accept low MOQ50. 2.ODM&OEM free samples and free designs.  3. Fast production about 7 days. 4. Customize low, medium and high-end products  according to customer needs. 5. Multiple payment methods. 6. Various transportation  and logistics methods. 7.24-hour online service. 8. Product quality problems can be  quickly refunded. 

6. When you become our VIP customer, we will send you the latest samples, and at the  same time you can get the lowest price from the factory, and all your orders will be  given priority for production. We are a powerful certified supplier of Alibaba; an  in-depth strategic partner. Welcome to visit the company to discuss cooperation!


Over 500 clothing and luggage brands are thepreferred suppliers for customization


3 davs for samples, 7 davs for deliverv.Flexible payment methods, support multiple banks

Custom Made

100pcs minimum order, free samples, free design100,Provide one-stop anti-counterfeiting solutions


GRS and 1S09001, SGS certified supplier GRS and ISO9001



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